No Flu this Year

Not today covid19 sign on wooden stool

There’s a phenomenon happening this year in Israel (and other countries). No flu.

Israel’s Health Ministry prepared for the winter, during which there were expected to be simultaneous outbreaks of both flu and coronavirus. However, data from the Israel Center for Disease Control showed that not a single lab test was positive for flu this year. Yet corona is still spreading. Which means that corona is the flu, but we already know that.

Throughout the winter, the number of people turning to clinics, emergency rooms, and children’s wards due to flu-like winter illnesses was low. For example, the number of people turning to clinics because of flu-like illnesses was close to zero; in the past few years, it ranged from 15-20 per 10,000 people during the same period.

“The numbers of respiratory infections are low,” the Health Ministry stated. “We have not yet identified flu activity among the Israeli populace.”

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