Texas Primary Suggestions

Now it’s our turn.  Early voting has begun for the Texas primary on March 1.  Our Nation is watching. Don’t vote for anyone who supported the lockdowns and mandates.  We can do better. It will be a landslide this fall so let’s pick candidates in this primary now who support freedom. 

No more mandates, and no politicians who imposed mandates. 

Statewide, we suggest voting for Don Huffines for governor, and any opponent of Dan Patrick for Lieutenant Governor.  Abbott imposed a lockdown that caused a hairdresser to go to jail merely for trying to earn a living.  Abbott and Patrick did nothing while the medical board intimidated physicians for treating Covid early.  Abbott and Patrick allowed hospitals to block effective care for Covid patients. 

Both Abbott and Patrick need to be forced into runoffs.  Stronger leadership is needed to stop tyranny.

If you’re in congressional district #3 (north of Dallas), consider voting against Congressman Van Taylor.  His opponents pledge to end vaccine mandates, while he refuses to.  Instead, he voted for Nancy Pelosi’s January 6th committee that wasted Congress’s time for more than a year on political witchhunts. 

Mandates and lockdowns are on this ballot through the incumbents who supported them.  Please vote them out of office. 

Good candidates are endorsed by the Conservative Republicans of Texas here and the Texans for Vaccine Choice here.

AAPS also supports U.S. Congressman Chip Roy (Texas Congressional District 21) and thanks him for coming to speak at our state chapter meeting last month in San Antonio. Rep. Roy has been a steadfast supporter of medical freedom. 

In the attorney general race, both the incumbent, Ken Paxton, and challenger Rep. Louie Gohmert would serve Texans well, in our opinion.

In Texas legislature races AAPS especially likes Senator Bob Hall. Senator Bob Hall is a strong proponent of the rights of patients and doctors and has worked hard to give AAPS doctors a voice in spite of heavy censorship and threats. 

For Texas State Senate District 11, AAPS supports the candidacy of Dr. Robin Armstrong, a pioneer of early treatment for high-risk COVID patients, vulnerable nursing home patients.

AAPS appreciates you taking the time to help elect the best candidates during these pivotal times. We also welcome your suggestions for other candidates worthy of support or deserving of opposition.

Thank you!  ~AAPS.

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