Vaccine Mandates: Lessons from the Canadian Truckers

By Jane M. Orient, M.D.

From the streets in Ottawa, we are learning how essential the COVID-19 vaccine mandate is—for those who hold the real power. Governments may back down on masking and distancing. But they will hold onto the vaccine mandate tenaciously. It is the key to the intense surveillance needed to control the lives of everyone, on the pretext of protecting us all from a dread disease.  Get the shot, or lose your job and eventually your ability to buy or sell. Comply, or else freeze to death or starve.

The Canadian truckers convoy was at first about forcing truckers to get COVID shots to be allowed to cross the American-Canadian border and return. Truckers spend most of their time alone in the cab of their rig, and probably wouldn’t be able to drive it if sick. Can viruses not waft across the border without the help of unvaccinated truck drivers? How is the country safer if their bodies are forced to make vaccine-induced spike protein, yet they can still transmit disease? Now that questions are being raised, protests are erupting about all the COVID restrictions.

How far will governments go to preserve their extraordinary power?

An elderly woman on a mobility scooter was knocked down and trampled by a Toronto Police Mounted Unit horse. We don’t know her name or the extent of her injuries. There is no nationwide outrage over that or police beating protesters lying helpless on the ground. This is not like the U.S. incident of a man dying while being restrained by police. That individual was large, strong, and had been aggressively resisting arrest. Riots ensued, the officers were prosecuted, the survivors became multimillionaires thanks to a GoFundMe campaign, and everyone knows the man’s name. A statue of him might even replace a monument to a former American hero.

Many Canadian police had their names and badge numbers covered. But the government is finding out the names of people who donated to support the truckers and could freeze their assets, a tool not used even against Jeffrey Epstein. GoFundMe planned to seize contributions to the truckers and redistribute them to preferred charities, until a public outcry caused them to promise to return funds to donors instead.

If the government of Justin Trudeau gets away with the unprecedented implementation of emergency powers, law-abiding Canadians who thought they were exercising their guaranteed rights to peacefully assemble and petition their government may be bankrupted and imprisoned indefinitely.

Dr. Paul Alexander writes that he has feared a “Tiananmen Square solution” in Canada. In 1989, the Chinese Communists showed that a government could not be toppled by people gathering in the streets. Bullets, tanks, and arrests of key leaders worked there. Now, with financial institutions required to do government’s bidding, a rebellion might be put down with a few texts and clicks.

Dr. Alexander is one of a team of scientists who provided scientific backup for the truckers. They arranged a public debate about the usefulness of mandates. The government did not show up.

Police will send negotiators to talk with terrorists who are holding hostages—but not to talk with leaders of these nonviolent protesters, whose livelihood is hostage to bureaucrats.

It’s “the Science,” violently enforced by police. Faith in government-approved authorities is not supposed to be questioned—although many vaccinated people are still afraid to go anywhere, and public health officials have so little confidence they tell you to wear N-95 masks. Who knows for sure what doctors think? Their livelihoods are threatened if they voice a question. Getting shots into the majority of arms has not meant a return to normal. And the all-cause mortality rate, including healthy young persons dying unexpectedly, has increased alarmingly. That has nothing to do with the 1.1 million reported adverse vaccine reactions, says “the Science.” These are called coincidences or misinformation, and anyway benefits are claimed to greatly outweigh the risks.

If you want the “free” shots, roll up your sleeve. But before you advocate forcing the shots on others, remember that those who want to dictate what injections you must have also want to control how much fuel you may use to stay warm, how far you may travel, how much meat you may eat, and how you may spend your money—for the health of the Planet.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is one of the thousands of Young Global Leaders trained by the World Economic Forum. WEF founder Klaus Schwab boasts that half the cabinet members in some countries are its graduates.

You did not vote for Schwab, and you might not know his name. But the WEF’s global elite wants to know yours—along with your vaccination status and everything else about you. And their enforcers are brutal and non-accountable, even in peaceful Canada.

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