By a commanding majority including 10 judges on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, sitting en banc, it affirmed the preliminary injunction against President Biden’s mandate to force all federal workers to receive the Covid vaccine.  While the Covid vaccine mandate has been lifted in the military, Biden has not repealed it for federal workers and it took this rare sitting of the entire appellate court in New Orleans to block it.  Foreign travelers are still not allowed to visit the United States to see loved ones or participate in events unless they comply with Biden’s Covid vaccine mandate.

AAPS filed an amicus brief urging the Fifth Circuit to rule as it did tonight.  Most of its decision is devoted to procedure, in overcoming an objection to its jurisdiction and affirming the issuance of a nationwide injunction to protect all federal workers against Biden’s vaccine mandate.  Biden should repeal his vaccine mandate as Congress has done for the military.  Thanks to the Fifth Circuit for blocking this tyranny as Biden continues to fail to rescind his Covid vaccine mandate.

Information about AAPS amicus brief:

Fifth Circuit en banc ruling:

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