Dim-Witted Antivaxxers?

The science is in! I am using the word “science” loosely here — but a study, published in Environmental Research and Public Health, and authored by Alice Cancer, Carola Salvi, Alessandro Antonietti, and Paola Iannello, has concluded that the vaccine skeptics are, you know, the rigid folks who are not particularly bright and not particularly endowed with the ability to solve problems.

I supposed that lack of problem-solving skills in Big Pharma skeptics is the reason why — slowly — the mainstream is gradually admitting to what the so called “antivaxxers” were saying three years ago.

Also, a thought on the mental flexibility on the part of the folks who embraced the experimental treatments. (It would probably be more appropriate to call it moral flexibility.)

The study is predictably titled: “Not getting vaccinated? It Is a matter of problem‐solving abilities and socio‐cognitive polarization.” Don’t you love the confident titles of scientific papers nowadays? The science is settled, folks. Anyway, here is a quote from “Psypost”:

“A new study published in suggests that individuals who struggle with problem-solving and demonstrate absolutist thinking, political conservatism, and xenophobia are more likely to refuse to get vaccinated. These findings indicate that a focus on improving problem-solving skills may result in improvements in public health due to higher vaccination rates [emphasis mine.]

A quick a translation from Orwellian to English: In this sentence, the phrase “problem-solving skills” stands for “obedient compliance,” and the phrase “improvements in public health” stands for “further grown of pharmaceutical profits and medical data sharing so that the overlords can build their AI faster.” Moving on.

“The research team hypothesized that problem-solving skills and socio-cognitive polarization are two constructs associated with vaccine acceptance. Problem-solving skills involve the ability to generate new ideas and new methods to consider the problem at hand. Problem-solving may require individuals to think flexibly to expand their thinking beyond what they previously understood.”

“Socio-cognitive polarization includes measures of conservative political ideology, absolutist thinking, intolerance of ambiguity, and xenophobia. According to the research team, ‘people who score high on [socio-cognitive polarization] may be less likely to handle complexity and seek out alternative explanations when processing information.’” Here is how far and deep “the science” went to draw that conclusion:

The study recruited 277 U.S. participants using Amazon’s Mechanical Turk crowdsourcing platform [emphasis mine]. Participants completed online surveys measuring problem-solving ability through a rebus puzzles task and socio-cognitive polarization through a composite measure of absolutist thinking, political conservatism, and xenophobia. They also took a survey measuring their vaccine acceptance.” Now, that’s precision!

“The research team acknowledged that their use of the internet prevented demographics without technological access from participating in the study. This may mean their results are slightly skewed. Additionally, the cross-sectional design of the study prevents direct cause-and-effect conclusions … Despite these concerns, the study highlights the critical role of problem-solving skills and socio-cognitive polarization in COVID-19 vaccine acceptance.”

“Individuals who are more flexible in their thinking and less rigid in their socio-cognitive orientation may be more likely to accept COVID-19 vaccines. The study’s findings indicate that cognitive and social rigidity may represent risk factors for COVID-19 vaccine refusal and may have significant implications for public health interventions aimed at promoting vaccines.”

There we have it. Bring on the digital vaccines, I guess, “digital vaccines” being of course a euphemism for behavioral modification software.

Digital Vaccine project
Digital Vaccine project at Carnegie Mellon University

Blaming the “Backward Village Yokel”

Sarcasm aside, I would like to juxtapose the aforementioned “brilliant science” with a 1947 commercial for DDT. In that ad, an entomologist tries to educate African villagers on how DDT is safe and effective. (Of course it is, the “scientists” made it, so why wouldn’t it be?)

As the camera shows what would be considered stereotypical “uncivilized pagans” — who are evidently in a dire eternal need of being “saved” by foreign “educated folks,” and who don’t know how to take even one correct step in life without “parental guidance” from the “civilized” ones — the narrator tells the story that goes something like this: “Oh, the villagers don’t believe the scientist.

They are still very suspicious of DDT. They are concerned that the DDT powder constitutes ‘bad magic’ or that it may poison their people.” Well, who was right, the chemical industry-funded “science,” or the allegedly backward members of the African village?

Historical Context

But here is the kick. Proverbial “village yokels” have been the scapegoats of the financial interests of the elites for a long time. And yet, we are somehow led to believe that the elites of the past demonized the “village yokels” of the past correctly — and only today, they became corrupt and started to demonize the modern “village yokels” (the farmers, the conservatives in rural areas, etc.,) incorrectly.

Are you kidding me? Those are the same elites, using the same principle of thievery and domination! They lied all along!

The pointing of the refined fingers of the elites at the “village yokels” whose powers they want to curb and whose stuff they want to steal — and accusing them of all sorts of suspicious things — is a movie that has been playing for centuries on end! Even the Bolsheviks were complaining about the “backward peasants,” who for some weird reason seemed unenthused about the prospect of giving away their cattle for the good of the victory of the dictatorship by the proletariat!

And this is how the power-hungry maniacs (also known as the “deep state” or the “elites”) get us every time. They point at the scapegoats, and who is a better scapegoat for the elites than the cartoonish “conversative anti-vaxxer,” or the more traditional dirt-covered village yokel, the pagan type?

“By the way, here is a funny thing, “Antivaxxers” are really just proponents of bodily autonomy who are aware of the abysmal track record of the pharmaceutical giants — and the Latin word “paganus” just means “a rural dweller” (a “village yokel,” so to speak) — and so demonizing the “pagani” was really just a way of the Roman super elites to consolidate their political power.

Demonizing the “pagani,” historically, was a way of the political and spiritual predecessors of the WEF to arrange for an “own nothing and be happy” situation for anyone who didn’t go along with the power consolidation program of the day. Yes, it is that cynical. Very Schwabian. Very Hitleresque. As a result, our ancestors — our blood, wherever we come from — were intentionally and darkly — and then just ignorantly — demonized.

How do you feel about your family members, your direct blood from maybe thousands of years ago, intentionally demonized by the same elites that are demonizing you today? (And on similar grounds (“ignorant,” “backward,” “extremely dangerous to society,” and “too free”).”

Is it really plausible that the mobsters used to be wonderful, righteous people up until a certain point in time (in ancient Rome, none the less) and preached correct ideas — and then all of a sudden, they became corrupt — but it only happened when they targeted “my tribe”? I don’t think so. This is not how it works. A mob is a mob is a mob, and relying on any mob for protection is a bit of a limited hangout.

The way I see it, we will only defeat Klaus Schwab and his wretched vampire crew when we realize that the “village yokels” of the past were slandered by the same general kind mobsters who are slandering us today. When we realize that we can nourish our own relationship with the Creator and the mystery of life without decimating others, without supporting the decimation of others or bending their free will, and without arrogantly assuming that other cultures are inferior to ours.

The DDT commercial above is just one slice of culture but in a way, it sums up the history of the world. The underlying theme goes something like, “A few people lie, many people die.”

And I wish we could win this battle against Klaus Schwab by yelling louder or pointing fingers more often at the Schwabian mobsters. But as long as we accept a part of the mythology that allowed for Schwab to come to power in the first place, we are helping the wrong guys. I am convinced of that as a result of my entire life.

It took me many years to figure this out and shed the lies that had been given to me and to many of my ancestors over time. The bad guys have been piling on, generation after generation: dividing, hurting, robbing, pitting people against each other, doing bad magic onto people, tapping into people’s bad habits and tricking them into acting against their best interests. Yes, this is a story that has been unfolding for a very long time.

Enough of the metaphorical bad sorcerers working for the elites. Enough is enough. We are smarter than this. We are more loving that this. And, dear educated folk, we are not close-minded at all.

The Difficult Task of “Convincing” Others, With Love

Like many of us, I have spent many hours of my life “banging my head on the wall,” so to speak, trying to get through to the people I care about, begging them to look at facts. Sounds familiar, right?

Earlier in my journey, it frustrated me to no end. I just felt, “Dear God, this is all so dangerous, how can this person not see the obvious?!! Maybe, if I just find better words or repeat then again, or talk louder, maybe then I’ll be able to get through? Maybe then they will hear me, for once?”

As you can imagine, the overall result was, LOLZ. People take their sweet time to pay attention to the facts — but when I turned on the patience, the process stopped killing me and started bringing me joy. I started seeing more progress with patience, and with love, and with genuine respect for their soul and their right to choose what makes sense to them — than I saw with banging my head on the wall.

Today, when I encounter a person who, in my opinion, is sincerely subscribed to the most fantastical lies, I don’t despair. Oh, and the menu of lies is very long. Over time, the elites have developed the most exquisite lies for every psychological type, and tested them, and refined them, and mixed them up — so yeah, their menu is very long, indeed.

And so, after screaming to the skies many times and having finally found my grounding, today, I look at someone whose ideas are, in my opinion, simply ridiculous, and see my brother or sister who is on his or her journey, a legitimate journey, journey of the soul.

I see a sacred spirit traveling though the juggle of this broken world, doing stupid things perhaps, and perhaps at the moment, actually helping Klaus Schwab (my heart!) by supporting various elite-generated lies about how the world works. And yes, the damage is real, and it hurts me still, but the journey is in progress, and the Creator has no time limit.

That was key to my own peace of mind. I am just one person, on my journey, trying to do my job. The burden of master planning is not mine. I can safely shed that burden and just focus on my job. My job is much easier to do than worrying about the master planning for the world.

The way I feel about it, the Creator doesn’t care about time. The Creator cares about doing our job with love, not fearing doing what feels right, and respecting other people’s free will.

Only being grounded in love in the most mysterious spiritual sense will get us out of it. Only honesty about what has happened in the past and what is happening today will get us out of this. Honesty fueled by love brings out the best courage out of us, the courage of the pure spirit that turns us, humble human beings, into lions. This is all mysterious. And no, we don’t own the sphere of time. We just need to do our job right. And everything will be fine.

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