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This article is going to be my own attempt at making sense of the past three years. Feel free to write comments: I want to hear your interpretations. I have broken this article down into a prologue and 5 subsequent parts in pictures and words. If you click on the pictures, you’ll be taken to the linked website. First, a prologue.

The Endgame

The endgame is conversion of the majority of human beings into workers. And by workers, I mean this as an entomologist would. The workers or ergates/dinergates in a colony of beings like ants, do the work. They are sterile and they work for the benefit and survival of the queen (fertile) and the lucky disposable guy (also fertile) that mates with her to ensure the propagation of the species. This is awesome for ants. Not so much for human beings. Human beings are not ants.

The play-out of the endgame goes beyond de-humanization of human beings but certainly requires it. In my eyes, the aim is to systematically remove the individual component of the human being — the source of creation and creativity: the spirit. We’ve already seen this reveal itself in the past three years.

The systematic nature of the conversion will be slight-of-hand — pretty much undetectable, by most. I might even go as far to say, that the masses will ask for it — without even knowing that they are. Not many of my readers will disagree with that statement, I think. We all see it.

What really bothers me about this endgame are the soulless harpies that think that they deserve the roles of queen or king. They don’t. They’ve demonstrated a clear lack of creativity, intelligence, leadership, compassion, courage, honesty — all of the good things that comprise a human being. If you think about it, we’re already in the soulless harpy royal toilet, since we are all pretty much slaves to the entirely out-dated notions of the so-called kings and queens of modern times.

Maybe once upon a time, a man was worthy of being called a king, and a female was worthy of being called a queen, but not anymore. These roles have been stolen by imposters.

5 Parts

Social media is rank-stank-full of nothing much more than the 5 parts posted below. From trans ‘movements’ to CBDCs, they are all inextricably linked to the fourth part: the WHO/UN (ghates’)-driven descriptive plan to destroy sovereignty of self and nation. This fourth part: the PANDEMIC PREPAREDNESS TREATY, is something you need to prioritize reading about.

I mean, the most important thing that you need to do today is to read about this Treaty. Don’t just think about it: do it. If this ‘Treaty’ goes through, it’s over. Please go to this website to learn about what they have done so far, and what they plan to do very soon. As a prelude, they write this:

The intergovernmental negotiating body, tasked with drafting and negotiating this international instrument, will hold its next meeting by 1 August 2022, to discuss progress on a working draft. It will then deliver a progress report to the 76th World Health Assembly in 2023, with the aim to adopt the instrument by 2024.

They aren’t moving slowly. They have already held some creepy meetings with their hand-picked bureaucrat bunch, and they plan to implement in 2024. That’s soon. We can stop it, however. I’ll round-about back to this and weave in and out of it throughout this article.

1. COVID-19

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The first part of the play-out to the endgame is COVID-19. I’ve been through the washer on this as most of us have been for the past 3 years. So many questions. What was it? A virus? Was it made in a lab? Are the injections killing us? Why would they make an injection that wouldn’t be safe? How did they so readily coordinate the locking up of the people of the world?

Why are so many good people being marginalized and silenced for simply doing what they always have in science? Why have the pharmaceutical companies made so much profit off of the suffering of so many people? Why is the VAERS data and other pharmacovigilance data being ignored or even made out to be irrelevant? Why aren’t causality assessments or PRR or Bayesian assessments being done by HHS or FDA or CDC?

So very many unanswered questions. What was done to us? In response. A handful of people decided that it was a good idea, based on atrociously bad predictive models, to lock everyone up as a way to ‘flatten the curve’. What the hell was that anyway? What curve? They lied so hard about how long that crap was going to last.

Airports were closed. We were isolated. We were terrorized. Our loved ones were isolated. We were forced to close our businesses. Our elders were left alone in deplorable conditions to die alone and terrified. Our mothers and fathers and grandmothers and grandfathers. We were terrorized. We were beaten. We were chased. We were forced to give up personal information and details. We were imposed upon in ways that are not acceptable. It was enforced.

What made extra no-sense to me was the fact that the thug cache in riot gear was already dressed up and ready to go beat down civilians on command. When did they manufacture all that riot gear? When did they train these people? How was this all co-ordinated so effortlessly? It was all pre-planned. That’s how.

What else happened? Well, because there was no such thing as an immune system as of 2020, many were forced/coerced to be injected with an as yet experimental, non-FDA approved product that was by no means, a conventional vaccine. The mRNA products are transfection technology in lipid nanoparticle coating. We were told that we all had to get injected, lest we all be murderers.

There were no treatments, there was no help, and definitely no immune system. Only the injections. The experimental injections. But it was an emergency! Death! Emergency! Anti-vaxxer! ‘Green pass’. We were told to go home if we couldn’t breathe and to seek medical attention only at the blue-lip stage.

In that scenario, the protocol was executed in the hospital setting (pardon the pun), where Remdesivir was administered, and vents were inserted into orifices. And people died there.

People lost jobs. Or people kept their jobs and felt soulless for doing something they did not want to do. Or worse, they got injured. People lost loved ones. People are STILL getting mocked and demonized for doing the right thing — taking the shot ‘for the team’, getting injured, and then being called an ‘anti-vaxxer’ for asking if the shot caused their heart attack. People lost faith. People lost friends. People lost hope. People lost their savings.

What else happened? People lost their businesses. People lost their homes. People had their money stolen in the form of bank account seizures. People had their lives ruined by others that they had called colleagues for decades, simply for not taking a shot. People lost their medical licenses for reporting adverse events.

What else happened? Playgrounds were taped up and sprayed with poison. Beaches were sprayed with bleach destroying entire ecosystems. People’s doors were welded shut. People were sprayed with strange mists. People were told to stand on stupid stickers with feet drawn on to ensure they weren’t anywhere near hugging distance.

How much did those stupid stickers cost? How many trees were destroyed for that bullshit? Psst. Trees make oxygen. Riot cops beat up civilians. Protesting became illegal. Going to the sea was banned. Going to the park was banned. Hugging a friend was banned. Traveling was banned. By whom? Who allowed this? Who gave the order? I’ll give you a hint. It’s the same assholes in #4. People complied.

What else happened? People committed suicide because they couldn’t see a way out of their depression and loss. People lost their families due to division. People lost the right to decide what is best for their own children. People were tortured. Tortured. Look this up. It is not an understatement. Children were targeted. Children. Were. Targeted.

The bottom line here is the COVID thing was the set-up. It was the first round to test compliance levels. It was the scene-setting for the next step designed to normalize the abnormal. Myocarditis in kids: sure! Healthy young adults dropping dead: no problem! Gagging your face with surgical masks: I was born with it! Having to show papers to eat out: perfectly fine!

It worked VERY WELL. People are still walking around outside with masks. There are so many out there still, absolutely unaware that the whole thing was a farce. They are still completely unaware that viruses — when left the hell alone — are an essential part of our existences. 8% of our genome are retroviruses.

They are not to be eliminated. Anyone who claims to have a desire to eliminate viruses has no idea about biology and is doing nothing but putting sheer ignorance on display. It is up to us to point at it and them, and laugh.

Here‘s my latest testimony to the National Citizen’s Inquiry that will sober you up and make you laugh. My kitty makes a cameo.

2. Trans Protesting

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This one’s two-part. Part one. The flagrant demonstrations on social media have nothing to do with the trans community. I think their actual members would probably be the first to agree. The ‘movement’ or ‘protesters’ or ‘virtue-signalers’ or whatever you want to call them, is the same group of people who are paid to create discord and violence for the cameras for all the other stuff being pumped up by the legacy media. Ignore them. They will go away.

The people who run out of vans dressed up in masks and black have one goal: to start fights that weren’t there. Whether they are claiming to care so much about black lives, women’s lives, babies lives, gay lives, trans lives, beavers’ lives, whatever: it’s all the same paid goons and their goal is to create discord within and among subpopulations where there is likely none. See it for what it is and look it in the eye and tell it to buggar off — whatever form it takes.

All of the anger that we all feel for being duped, lied to, meddled with and stolen from, needs to be aimed at the real perpetrators. This is how we can mess up their endgame goal — by actually being in this together! Their tactics are as old and tired as they are: stop thinking you hate gay people, or trans people, or black people, or white people, or kid people, or beaver people, or pangolin people — you likely don’t.

‘They’ are very powerful manipulators. Be in control of yourself — don’t relinquish your power to unintelligent letches.

There’s another darkness here though, as part two. Puberty blockers are being given to children. Breasts and penises are being cut off of little girls and little boys. Endocrine disruptors are being put into everything from hand sanitizer to water. And too many pills are being put into children following improper diagnoses involving various named mental disorders.

In some cases, they are dosed with powerful medications at very young ages — far before their little brains could ever be ready to manage them, if ever. The environment of our youths needs to change. That is for sure.

If you wanted to make humans sterile workers, how would you do it? Think about it. Better yet, think about how to stop it. Embrace the truth that the ‘movement’ is the enemy, and your anger and action should be aimed at them, not at individuals.

Please watch Viva Frei’s interview with TullipR/Ritche for wonderful insight into the real story behind the ‘movement’. This interview is so perfectly descriptive of what I tried to write and describe here. Please do watch it.

3. Climate Change

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The above climate change thing ‘Sustainable Development Goals’ has no bearing in science or reality. It is a fabrication to enable the endgame. The way this will be used against us — likely in early 2024 — will be by abusing their new Treaty on Pandemic Prevention ‘power’ to lock up the world ad infinitum under the guise of some climate catastrophe, likely linked to some ‘deadly pathogen’ passed to humans via some insect vector like a mosquito.

They will be able to do whatever they want with us since the CBDC will be in place by then, and maybe if you’ve used too much carbon, you carbon-based life form, you won’t get to eat. Fun!

4. Treaty on Pandemic Prevention

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I am leaving you to go read about this. In their Visitors’ Centre video, they manage to say exactly nothing in 1 minute and 5 seconds. “When a pandemic strikes, everyone is vulnerable.” What was it that guy shouted at Louis C.K. from his car window after he got cut off? Something about a bag? It’s our responsibility to take action against these predators in every way we can think of.

The people standing behind these noble-appearing goals like ‘No poverty’ and ‘Gender equality’ are liars. They couldn’t care less about any of the 17 goals they lay down, or the well-being of people. You can see that in their actions. Stop this Treaty by contacting your MPs, your neighbors, your friends, and taking it to the streets like the French or whatever else you can think of. This is the only chance we’re going to have.

Please go here to learn more about how to fight this. Here are the policy documents from the World Council for Health.

5. Central Bank Digital Currencies

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A practical way I can think of to stop the endgame from being realized is to stop the CBDC. Use cash. Insist upon it. Do not give business to stores that only use cashless systems. Supply equals demand, so demand the use of CASH. Use Bitcoin. It’s the anti-thesis of CBDCs. Click here to find out about Stand Together and about Catherine-Austin Fitts’ Cash Fridays!

I am constantly thinking about what the hell happened in the past three years and how it happened. I am constantly noticing how everyone’s walking around, kind of like things are ‘ok’, but with this weird, nervous air about them. Almost like, at any moment, the sirens will sound and the zombie apocalypse will be upon us. It’s an odd feeling and I really don’t like it.

Maybe it’s just me, as I am still very sensitive to the impositions and entirely unspeakable things that have been done to us, in reality, over the past three years.

These wounds, to me, are very, very fresh. The manner in which I have compiled these five things might sound off-the-rocker, but it makes the most sense to me at this point in a world where nothing makes sense. I would love to read your comments.